To the Seaside

Carla’s last and most fervent wish is to go to the Seaside one last time and she persuades Anton, the driver of the local bus, to break out of the ordinary and change the route.

There have been better days in the life of Anton, a bus driver, who takes the kids to school and the villagers to the nearby town day by day. He recently fell deeply in love with Doris, his neighbor, who obviously seemed to have another male visitor the previous night. Anton heard him coughing on her balcony.

When Carla, who has cancer, gets on the bus, Anton has no time to go on dwelling on his gloomy thoughts. Carla demands to be taken to Italy, to the seaside, one last time. It is a hot day and Anton who has never been a very courageous man is ready to a chance. Has Doris not mentioned from time to time that she likes men taking risks? Minutes later, the passengers on the bus hear an announcement: “We are changing our route today and go to the seaside.”

A heartwarming book full of humor about a group of passengers on an adventurous journey to the seaside.