The Secret of the happiest Woman in the World

An exciting story about a woman in rebirth who was able to question all her certainties and to start over. Starting from scratch, rebuilding her life piece by piece, and in this book she explains her secret.

40.000 copies sold in Italy!

Sooner or later come the days of awareness, when you have to decide whether to continue saving others, things or situations…. Or leave everything behind, and start saving only yourself

 One day Selene Vanni wakes up and realizes that she is an “almost happy” woman.

There is nothing seemingly wrong or out of place in her life. She has a partner, Filippo, with whom she has been living for years, and the job she had always dreamed of doing, in the bookstore that had been her father’s and before that her grandfather’s. Yet, on a morning more complicated than any other, it is that very innocuous word –almost– that opens up like a chasm before her eyes.

Confused and without any more points of reference, Selene begins to question the reason for that unexpected crisis. Of course, there are the economic difficulties related to her business, and then the strange encounter with a man, Riccardo, who suddenly dropped the line between reality and fantasies. Soon, however, Selene realizes that the reasons for her disorientation are many more, and what seemed to be only a small crack in the fabric of her everyday life soon widens and branches out, until it comes to question her every certainty. Only then, at the moment when she realizes that she has slowly stifled, day after day, year after year, her desires, her passions and, ultimately, her own freedom, does Selene find the courage to “look inside herself without bringing fears from outside” and “remember that, when everything plummets, the first step to regaining control is to breathe again.