The Love Story That Will Change Your Life

Falling in love is magic, but the real fairy tale is not to get lost.

80.000 copies sold in Italy!

Adrian is one of those young people who seem more mature than their age: elegant, ambitious, determined, always impeccable. Carla, on the other hand, with her thoughts in the clouds and her bag full of books, finds order in her own chaos, walking nonchalantly to life’s appointments, often with her “five minutes late” (which is actually at least ten). She works as an editor in a major publishing house, he is a lawyer in one of Milan’s most prestigious law firms. Both spend their days reading, with one not insignificant difference: he reviews dry contracts, she passionate love stories. When a stroke of lightning sweeps over them, Adrian and Carla, without fully understanding why, feel the need to dive into each other’s existence and, shortly after, to move in together in a picturesque villa in the heart of Milan.

But even the most beautiful things break. First it is a simple crack, then it is a wound that spreads silently in the fabric of everyday gestures; eventually the pain comes. And the things that break without making a sound are the hardest to fix. A truth Adrian is forced to come to terms with on the day a terrible suspicion leads him to doubt Carla’s feelings, to question every certainty, and to do things he will regret, until he is convinced he must start all over again. Five dates to relive, one after the other, years apart, the moments and places that marked their story: this is the last attempt Adrian decides to make to try to heal the wounds he and Carla have inflicted on themselves.

But is it possible to fall back in love with the person who hurt us most of all?