The Ruby Circle #01

All Our Secrets

To fall in love with him was easy. To get close to him was almost impossible. Wild parties, intrigues, and a great love.

5.000 copies sold within the first week since publication!

#06 Spiegel Bestseller List!


When Louisa wins one of the rare scholarships to Highclare Academy, she hopes her life will have a new beginning. Not only because she’s a member of the Ruby Circle – an elite group of students, in which every wish is granted before you even say it – but also because she believes that at last she will be protected against the lies that have turned her life into a nightmare.

But all the luxury is merely a façade, because behind its walls the Academy is seething with unrest. Everybody has a secret. Very soon Louisa realizes that she can’t trust anyone. Only the unapproachable Theo, who has impressed her through his work with his horses, seems to have distanced himself from the circle. Even though she senses that it would be wiser to stay away from him, the two of them gradually get closer to each other. Eventually she has to ask herself whether her feelings are strong enough to stand up against Theo’s secrets.