Royal Horses. Crown Hear #01

Greta just wants to get away: away from her school and away from the friends who have so endlessly disappointed her. The holiday job at the royal stud farm comes at just the right time for her. She might not have any interest in horses –and even less in princes and princesses –but the royal family’s palace still makes her heart beat faster.

On the very first day she quarrels with Edward, the horse trainer. He guesses that she is hiding a secret and wants to do whatever it takes to bring it out in the open. When, shortly afterwards, Prince Tristan appears at the stud farm, Greta’s life is completely turned upside down. She notices all too late that she is in the process of falling in love –and specifically with the boy that she actually wants to stay away from.

Horses, glamour and big emotions: ROYAL HORSES is a modern love story with everything the heart desires. A fantastic debut in a wonderfully luxurious edition.