The Primrose Trilogy #03 PRIMPERFECT

Diary-style fiction with superb style and humor

Book #01 shortlisted for CBI Awards (2011)

Book #03 shortlisted for EU Prize for Literature (2015) and shortlisted for CBI Awards (2015)

“In the event of my untimely death, please burn this unread.”

No, don’t DO it! Prim’s alive (though the dashing Roderick is, alas, no more). She’s sixteen. She’s trying to make sense of her mum’s diaries. She is trying desperately to make Joel be friends with her again, but he’s all friends with Karen (aka the devil) now, and Prim’s found a boy called Robb-with-two-bees, and then there’s Steve the Goblin, and her dad’s getting together with you’ll-never-guess-who, and as for what’s going on with Ciara and Syzmon … Everything’s a little imperfect.