The Primrose Trilogy #01 PRIM IMPROPER

Diary-style fiction with superb style and humor

Book #01 shortlisted for CBI Awards(2011)

Book #03 shortlisted for EU Prize for Literature (2015) and shortlisted for CBI Awards (2015)

Primrose Leary has just started secondary school.

Likes: her pet rat, Roderick; her best friend, Joel; being a little bit different (but not in the weird different sense – she wouldn’t like to be the only bald girl in her class or the only girl who always smelled of ham, or anything).

Dislikes: living with Fintan (her moustachioed dad); the boy-school that Joel’s toddled off to without her; not having her mum around any more.

Hilariously and cleverly written, Prim Improper is the debut novel from Deirdre Sullivan.