The Longest Night

A universal story about love – as old as life itself – as unique as its main characters. In her new novel Isabel Abedi continues the traditions she started with Whisper and Isola while telling so much more than just a bittersweet story about growing up. Stirring and extremely moving.

It’s only a few sentences in a yet unpublished manuscript Vita finds in her father’s study – but there is something about them that mesmerizes and disturbs the seventeen-year-old girl. Soon after that she and her friends start on a trip across Europe. When they arrive in Italy, they accidentally find themselves in the very spot mentioned in her father’s manuscript: Viagello, a small and picturesque village.
Vita is strangely attracted to the village, even more so when the tightrope artist Luca literally lands in front of her. At first glance Vita thinks Luca is special yet there is something about him and his family she cannot grasp. Little does she know that he will guide her on a journey deep down into her memories that will end with something that happened in Viagello – in that longest night of all…