The Grumpy Bear

What the Grumpy Bear likes best is being in a bad mood. He doesn’t like the sunshine because it brings him out in a sweat, and he can’t stand rain either because it gets him wet. There’s not a thing in the world that will make him happy.
The Grumpy Bear doesn’t like having visitors and he doesn’t want to visit anyone either.

But the friendly creatures in his neighbourhood don’t let that put them off. So we’ll just keep on  practicing this whole visiting business, says the Tingeli. The Grumpy Bear’s surliness just washes off him like water off a duck’s back. The Tingeli is always full of good ideas; it takes charge and chivvies the rest of the animals into line so they can all do things together.

The end result is a cheerful little community in which everyone thoroughly enjoys themselves: the Grey Heron family with its overprotective mother, the King Penguin whose favourite treat is sardine jam, the Rabbit family with their countless bubbly children – and Marie, the little girl who is glad she can pour out her woes to her new friends.


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