The Fox of Aramir

The new, enchanting fantasy adventure by the best-selling author Katja Brandis, with more than 2.500.000 copies sold of her Walkers Series!

World building on a large scale, vivid insights into the animal world, and a great love story.

In the harbour town of Aramir live the powerful families of the Griffins, Phoenixes, Unicorns, Sea Dragons and other mythical creatures. The charming, cunning fox Devan belongs to none of these families. He grew up in poverty but has become known as the Fox of Aramir because he uses his sharp intelligence to solve all the problems of the rich and powerful. When called upon to do so, he is supported by his rebellious best friend Rouka. But one day, the Prince of Aramir blackmails Devan into trying to fulfil an impossible wish. While Devan travels to the land of the elves, in order to bring back one of the unpredictable singing elves, there is a conspiracy that shakes the very foundations of Aramir. Suddenly, not only Devan’s future is under threat but also that of the whole town and its mythical inhabitants