Woodwalkers #01

Carag’s Transformation

More than 315.000 copies sold only in Germany!

A boy appears in the woods out of the blue. Nobody knows where he came from. Carag is guarding his family’s secret: he  is a shapeshifter and grew up as a puma. He has decided to leave his old life behind and accepts a place at a special school for walkers like him, Clearwater High. There he makes friends with other students such as Holly, a lively squirrel walker, and Brandon, whose animal persona is a clumsy and shy bison. Their lessons range from English and Maths to Transformation and Understanding Humans. When shady businessman Andrew Milling tries to blackmail Carag into helping him avenge the death of Milling’s family, Carag has to find out whom he can trust.

Woodwalkers is a fast-paced, engaging novel for children ten years or older, set near Yellowstone National Park. Brandis describes the animals’ emotions in loving detail. Above all, there is much humour. Loyalty and friendship are important themes as the friends defend each other not just with words, but deeds.

This is a wonderful addition to the ever-popular animorph genre, written by one of Germany’s most successful children’s authors.