Te odio, Mackenzie Lin

¿Hasta dónde estarías dispuesto a llegar con tal de no decepcionar a tu familia? ¿Te aliarías con alguien que es totalmente opuesto a ti?

#rom-com #boarding school #rival/friends to lovers #strong female & diversity cast #total crush #LGBT+

Lara Green is one of the three scholarship students attending Miss Marple’s exclusive boarding school for Future Personalities. Ever since she was a little girl, she has always had a dream: working as a set designer on Broadway. However, her family has other plans for her: they want her to study medicine at Harvard.

Her life gets a little complicated when she tells her family she has got the leading role at the next theater play of Treasure Island organized by the teather club of the school. Not only is it a lie, but she is also the worst actress in the world. The popular and untouchable Mackenzie Lin will be playing the leading role so, desperate, Lara asks her for help. In return, she will help her with the subject of economics. Lara and Mackenzie have never spoken before and hate each other’s guts. But they do have something in common: a love of theater and a huge crush on another classmate, Noel Edwards…