A rollercoaster of emotions, a journey without brakes at full speed.

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Duology CLICHÉ: Searching for the perfect Cliché and The (im)perfect Cliché is you and me.

Axel Waters hates his brother Ben, but, above all, he hates his brother’s best friends. Especially a certain overbearing blond who keeps picking on him. Axel and Ben are two very different twins. The first is the high school geek, the freak. The second is the popular one, the president of the student council. Both brothers seem doomed to never get along.

Everything changes when Ben’s girlfriend breaks up with him and starts spending more time than usual at home. Unable to stand the tension any longer, Axel decides to devise a strategy that will allow him to get rid of him, unaware that his life is about to change. Because Key Parker, the most popular boy in high school, has discovered that there’s something fishy about Axel’s behaviour and he will not let him get away with it…