Taste of Love – Secret ingredient: Love

Secret ingredient: Love

#1 of the Taste of Love saga

Andrew Knight seems to be born under a lucky star. His restaurant, “Knight’s“, has turned into the ultimate Boston hotspot, and a cookbook is being planned, even a television show. But Andrew is feeling burned out and empty. He lost his passion for cooking a long time ago and, secretly, he quarrels with the lack of appreciation that his family of politicians and career lawyers has for his work.

Without further ado, he decides to take a few days off and drive out to the country. But right after crossing the state line into Maine, one moment of distraction is enough for him to cause a car accident. For reasons that are easy to understand, the other party involved in the crash, Brooke Day, is not at all pleased with the situation but in the end, she comes to his rescue: As Andrew’s car is no longer roadworthy, she takes him with her to her parents’ restaurant and boarding house, the “Crab Inn”. Even though the building shows signs of aging, the comfortable bed and Brooke’s incredibly delicious food make him soon feel at ease with the situation. And when help in the kitchen is needed, he even steps in and lends a hand. For the first time in a long time, cooking brings him real joy – and this not just because his hostess thinks that he is one of those Ivy League snots, a misjudgment, which amuses him mightily. He likes Brooke’s character and her enthusiasm; he likes Brooke, more than he likes to admit to himself, at least in the beginning. And so he dives headfirst into the adventure called country life.

But as they are getting closer to each other and Andrew is finding out why the situation at the Crab Inn is so difficult for Brooke – her mother is gravely ill and her father balks at change of any sort – he starts having scruples. Is this really a serious relationship? And: Will Brooke forgive him when she finds out that he didn’t tell her the truth?

#2 of the Taste of Love saga: Kisses for desert > to be published in February 2017