Taste of love #2: Kisses for desert

Nick O’Reilly is a true rebel in the kitchen. Coming from humble circumstances, he worked his way up and, on the one hand, he is extremely proud of his thorough training in French haute cuisine, yet, on the other hand, he loves to come up with new and unexpected taste creations. However, he cannot write them down – Nick is a functioning illiterate but he keeps that a secret from everyone by constantly employing new tricks. This is the reason why he asks one of his employees to read aloud the long-awaited article in the Boston Daily so that his entire staff is present when he has to endure a damning review of his allegedly mediocre cuisine, which is as merciless, as it is hilariously funny. A real disaster for the restaurant!
Furthermore, Nick feels kind of caught in his own web, as he knows himself how important it would be to also add his new dishes to the menu. But “unimaginative and without a personal touch”? No, he is not going to take that!
Fuming with rage, Nick storms into the offices of the prestigious daily newspaper, only to find out that CPW, the feared food critic, is actually a breathtaking redhead by the name of Claire, who caught his attention before when she came to his restaurant a few days earlier. He offers her a bet she can’t refuse: If he is not able to convince her of his culinary skills within the next month, he will arrange for a dinner with his old teacher, who retired years ago and who Claire thinks is the best chef of all time. After all, convincing her will be a piece of cake! But soon Nick comes to realize that not only his reputation is at stake – but also his heart…