With tempo and force, Takis Würger tells a love story from the year 1942. A story about fear and
hope, a dancing SS man, squirrels and betrayal. A story based on true events.

Friedrich comes from a sheltered background on Lake Geneva, a quiet young man in search of the
truth. He moves to Berlin and rents a room at the Adlon Hotel. At a drawing class, he meets Kristin.

She takes Friedrich out on nights in secret jazz clubs. She drinks cognac with him and she gives him
his first kiss. In the Berlin she inhabits, he can imagine that the war is far away.

Then Kristin disappears and when she returns, she is broken. Welts from whiplashes cover her body.
She tells Friedrich the truth: Kristin is not her real name. Her name is Stella. She is a Jew. The Gestapo
has unmasked her and offered her a pact: to save her family, Stella has to hunt out Jews in hiding.

Frederick faces the choice: should he betray her? Or should he betray his love?


Sample translation in English available.