Shola and the Wild Boar

‘Shola is a charming, short creature stuffed with charisma and fierce ideas’  - Bookbag

‘Fabulous’   - Guardian

‘...truly lovely illustrations and some wonderful wordplay-derived humour’  -  The Book Wars

‘Mikel Valverde’s illustrations are most expressive... Shola is one of the most impressive heroines of the modern world’   -  Eileen Battersby, Irish Times

The dog Shola is determined to accompany Mr. Grogó to hunt wild boar. In her mind, boars are like sheep, only very black and very morund. Nothing more. But when they go hunting, she quickly starts to realise how wrong she was.

The Adventures of Shola (Pushkin Press, 2013) won the prestigious Marsh Prize 2014 for the best children book, translated into English by Margaret Jull Costa.