Open Your Eyes To The Sky

A special guide to discovering the Universe

Looking at the night sky lets you travel through space and time. In a moment you can go on a journey
far away and unbelievably return again in the blink of an eye. The sky holds the key to both the secret of time and the beginning of everything. There are thousands of wonders, surprises, and things to discover. Planets, stars, universes, black holes. There are also stories: stories which have become the legends of populations and of those of who have made incredible discoveries.
You learn to look at the sky. Through this process you become better at navigating what you see. It is like
reading a map, a giant map which appears to move and speak through its lights, trajectories and colours.

The book is co-written by six female astrophysicists who work in a team studying the universe and
in particular black holes. The book is packed with facts and legends.

The scientific content is accompanied by songlike text and poems by Silvia Vecchini: a writer and much-loved children’ s poet.