Who killed former police chief Tony Malden?

What lies behind Adam’s amnesia?

When all the evidence seems to condemn the suspect, an incredible revelation will overturn the entire perspective, and the truth will appear behind a series of Chinese boxes. An intricate murder case solved by a young boy with a passion for role-playing games.

The 2021 White Ravens Jury says:

Guido Sgardoli, winner of the Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi and known for his excellent plots, has now written an exciting and fast-paced crime story. He immediately takes the reader to the scene of the crime, to the corpse of the former chief of police Tony Malden and to a boy who was found quite nearby in an obvious state of confusion. All that the investigators can learn from him is his name, Adam. The rest is a mystery. But there is one particular person whom Adam encountered before the crime occurred: Jupiter. This socially awkward eleven-yearold boy plays computer games with a passion and has extraordinary powers of concentration. While the police have no further leads, Jupiter continues to develop a special computer game that is the key to finding out what happened. The truth emerges from clouded memories, a story full of pain and violence. This new knowledge leads the head inspector to see the case with different eyes”