Memories of a cow

The La Vache qui Rit says that there is no bigger fool in the world than a foolish cow. And Mo has dedicated her life to proving to her friend that she, a cow most certainly, but despite being a cow – and not a dashing horse – is nobody’s fool. No way! She is definitely an Omega cow with nothing Alpha about her. And she has an inner voice together with a particular way of understanding life and… a big, big appetite for life!
Mo, a cow disappointed by being a member of her species, recounts her life on a farm in the Basque Country during the Spanish Post Civil-War period. In contrast to most of her bovine companions, she is smart and curious and, together with her friend The laughing cow decide to investigate what lies behind the nocturnal visits by some men to the farm and the “banquetes” offered to them after separating the cows by colour. In the end they will discover that in fact, the  Balanzategui farm is a cover for helping the maquis resistance movement hiding out in the nearby mountains.