Language and Being

Kübra Gümüşay is one of the most important new political voices.
Her book is a coup: for a language that liberates people from their
prescribed roles

Language opens up the world and diminishes it at the same time. But as a society, how can we talk about our problems without fuelling the hate of the Far Right – respectfully, benevolently, without fear of making mistakes? How can we speak freely?

This book is driven by a strong desire: for a language that does not reduce people to categories. For a way of speaking that allows them to exist in all their facets. For truly communal thinking in a polarised world.
For some time now, Kübra Gümüsay has been fighting for equality and discourse at eye level. In her first book she explores how language shapes our thinking and determines our politics. She shows how people become invisible as individuals when they are always seen as part of a group – and are only allowed to express themselves as such. But how can people really speak as themselves? And how can we all – in these times of increasingly harsh and hate-filled discourses – communicate differently with one another?