I’ll Do Anything You Want

After 25 years of a picture-perfect marriage and life, an unplanned affair pushes Nora into a murky world of abuse and luxury prostitution. From there, she will have to face her deepest fears, in a journey that turns her world upside down. Sex without moral constraints will become the trigger for Nora to take back control of her own life.

Explicitly influenced by Anaïs Nin’s Henryand June, and by the novels of Henry Miller, Iolanda Batallé also draws subtle comparisons between Nora and Lewis Carrol’s Alice – they both live in a dreamworld that makes them grow or shrink as they journey further into its depths. There’s even a nod to Alice’s white rabbit, in one of the book’s characters repeatedly appearing throughout the story, asking her the same question again and again: ‘Sure you’re not running late?’

This is a story about one woman’s journey from subjugation to freedom, from I’ll do anything you want to I’ll do anything I want.