Hyperversum #3

The Knight of Time

Three years have passed since Ian and Daniel said good-bye and took very different roads
(and lived in different centuries). Since then, despite all his attempts, Daniel was no longer able to
reactivate Hyperversum and he did not have any more news of Ian. Daniel now lives with Jodie,
who is pregnant, and they are about to get married. He continues to play Hyperversum and the
games are always set in the year 1215. He always has available the Silver Hawk, a character which
was created and used by Ian, in the hope that he would be able to contact him again, but nothing

One day however he receives a mysterious email, whose text reads: “Sir, I will wait for you
tonight, at 18:30, on the battlefield at Pienne in Languedoc. 15 October, 1215 A.D. Signed: The
Silver Hawk.” And once again the game comes to life, but there is someone who is trying to enter
the dangerous game of Hyperversum, which this time is set against the background of the bloody
episode of the Albigensian Crusade.