Hyperversum #2

The Hawk and the Lion

Brought back to the 21st century by Daniel, Ian finds pictures of his sons in a medieval code
and therefore also the certainty that he will be able to go back in time. He starts playing
Hyperversum again with his friend, setting a precise date: 15 August 1214, the day of the trap they
had been saved from, by coming back to the present. The two set the story in the monastery of Saint
Michel, being very careful to choose a time only slightly later than that of their departure. The game
begins and the passage works immediately.

Passing unobserved in the chaos that reigns all around, Ian and Daniel make their way
towards the cloister where they left Isabeau and Donna, hoping to find them there. Ian’s plan is
quite simple: he will pretend that the assassins did not succeed in killing him, but only wounding
him superficially, thus allowing him to join up with Isabeau and to return to Chatel-Argent with her,
saying that in the meantime Daniel managed to safely rescue all the others from the fire. Donna will
certainly help him make everything more credible.

Daniel will return home, closing Hyperversum forever. However, things do not turn out as
expected: Ian and Daniel are once again forced to separate and will find themselves face to face with an old (obnoxious) acquaintance: Geoffrey Martewall, baron of Dunchester.