Days which end up in bottle of Vichy water

Oliver is a Catalan architect brought up in an affluent coastal village on the outskirts of Barcelona and he has everything: he’s young, good looking, intelligent, ambitious, a womanizer, and is used to always getting his own way. But his ‘winner’ attitude hides a certain lack of self-esteem and a feeling of inferiority to his parents, both prestigious architects and founders of a very well known architecture studio in Barcelona.

When Oliver at last decides to settle down and lead a conventional life with his fiancé Blanca, a girl from a good Madrid family, a fire destroys the mansion with sea views that he had ordered built for their lives together. His wife dies on the night of the fire, while Oliver survives as he was on a business trip to Riyadh.

Oliver cannot forgive himself because on the night of the fire, in a moment of weakness, he was deceiving his wife with a lover in Riyadh, so he decides to go and live in Los Angeles and start a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence, something he had always wanted to do. In L.A. his depression continued and he saw his only salvation in his studies and in making a success of his company: a startup proposing to measure air contamination in cities using drones.

Three years after the fire, Oliver returns to Barcelona to attend his mother’s funeral and tidy up outstanding issues from the past including what happened on the night of the fire, and sorting things out with his father who is pressuring him to come back to architecture and forget about his career as a technological entrepreneur.

During his months in Barcelona, Oliver starts up a strange friendship with his ex sister-in-law, (Blanca’s sister, also an architect) who has built a house on the same land where he had built his to share with Blanca.

Together they try to find out what happened on the night of the fire. And as well, during these summer months, he will come to realize that however successful an entrepreneur he may become, he is going to have to tackle the personal problems and weaknesses that he had consigned to his past before he can achieve happiness.