When the Fog lifts

Naiara’s carefree life suffers a radical change when she finds some of her late grandfather’s letters which reveal the existence of relatives in Serbia. Driven by curiosity and the urge to break away from boring daily life, she decides to set out on a quest to meet them. During her visit to Zrenjanin, and far from the expected warm family reunion, this young woman of thirty-two will find herself involved in political intrigue and she will have the opportunity to experience first hand the drama of the refugees who were at that time trying to reach Europe by crossing the Balkans, and this forces her into reassessing the life that she has led until then.

With a lively storyline and plain yet intimate language, When The Fog Lifts immediately captures the attention of the reader who will quickly feel involved with the protagonist in her existential adventure and together with her, discover that three centuries ago, this Serbian city on the border with Romania, came to be called “New Barcelona” after the arrival of a group of Austrian refugees from the War of Succession.