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Questions to God

“There must be something emanating from this man that we could use right now. You might call it humanity.” - Tobias Haberl, SZ-Magazin

“One of the most exciting intellectual voices in Germany.”- The New York Review of Books

The bestselling author explores the big questions and the meaning of life

Evening after evening, a father tells his daughter about religion – not just about their own, Islam, but about religion in general, about God and nothingness, about love and death. And he soon comes to the big questions that all children ask themselves, and which many of them forget once they have grown up.

This book is an enchantment, a poetic masterpiece, and incredibly personal – precisely because Navid Kermani dares to write into the darkness and does not let his faith cover up his lack of answers. But also of course because his prose, his thoughts, his knowledge of two cultures are so unique, so bright and so deep.

“The book Grandpa asked for isn’t a competition that Islam should end up in first place. There are enough books like that and the victor always happens to be one’s own religion.«

Night after night a father tells his daughter about the religious on – not only of his own, Islam, but of what all religions unite, of God and death, of love and finiteness around us.

And soon we’ll get to the big questions all children face and many forget when they grow up are: Why am I, and why isn’t there nothing? And what was before something was? What will be when there is nothing left?

An enchantment is this book, a poetic masterpiece, incredibly personal and a real gain in knowledge, precisely because Navid Kermani also dares to write in the dark and has confidence does not cover up the helplessness. And because his language, his openness ie, his knowledge of two cultures are unique, so bright and so deep.