Dare To Do Things Your Way

The revolution of women’s leadership

"Iolanda Batallé Prats is simply necessary." Cristina Fallarás

“Although in the course of history there have been many very valuable women, the truth is that we have lacked figures of reference. Iolanda Batallé Prats' book invites us to exercise leadership that is in tune with our true essence and thus create a new logic in the direction, more inclusive and more luminous. " Anna Gener, CEO Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona

The Revolution of Women’s Leadership

The writer, editor and director of an institution Iolanda Batallé unfolds in this book an intimate and experiential story that goes beyond a manual on leadership. It is a personal and liberating, emotional, direct and lucid plea that, with courage, invites us to live, to do and to lead away from imposed authoritarianism, with the premise of self-knowledge as the basis of an empathic, effective and happy management.

“I deceive the system as much as I can, deliberately, painstakingly, delicately, stubbornly, happily. I cheat on the system that has looked down on us as women, but mine is not revenge. The revolution is to be generous. “ Iolanda Batallé Prats


Destino, 2011 – Spanish edition