The Tristan Chord

‘A musical manuscript that will continue singing in your head and heart, like a good concert.’ Christiaan Weijts (Dutch author)

‘Moving and beautifully told story about Ewa’s present and past. Music is the connecting force in her life, but the words make the story live.’ Aaltje van Zweden (Dutch author)

Violinist Evelien is forced to reconsider her life after a threatening discharge from the orchestra job she had held for years. Since her departure from Poland years ago, Ev has built a good life for herself in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, she feels she lets other people dictate her choices too much. Music has always been the focus of her life. What will remain if this is gone?

As she digs deeper into her past and unravels a secret from the Second World War, her life, career and relationship with her father all gain a new perspective.

The Tristan Chord is Wagner’s personal exploration of her childhood in communist, post-war Poland, her German roots, and her father, whom she still has a difficult relationship with.
In this powerful debut, Ewa Maria Wagner poses questions about identity, and the important role of one’s past and origins. The result is a well-structured story with multiple layers that weave together the past and the present.

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