Xabier Etxeberria

Xabier Etxeberria (Zarautz, 1974) is a Basque writer with an extensive career both in children’s literature and novels for adults, most of the time forming a creative tandem with his twin brother Martin. He received, among others, the Lizardi award for “Airean ere negu usaina nabari da” (Erein, 1999), the Igartza Award for “Egun denak ez dira berdin” (Elkar, 2001) or the Agustin Zubikarai Award for “Berriro itzuliko balitz” (Elkar , 2018).
He also works as a screenwriter for TV and movies, animated films and documentary films such as “Margolaria – El Pintor” or “Apaiz kartzela”.
He is also co-founder of ULU Media, where he creates and participates in different podcasts, such as the excellent sound fiction “Artxipelagoa” for ETB, the public television network.
As a comics writer, his first graphic novel was “Buyan” published in the United States by Insight Comics and in France by Akileos, and the mini-series “Broken Eye” by the American publisher Scout Comics.