An apocalyptic adventure story set in a dystopian Europe.

In a near future where the sea level has risen dramatically, Jare, a young girl with hidden powers, finds herself involved in a plot to break out war between the Basque Archipelago and the North African League.

2103, much of the continents are under water. Global warming and the abrupt acceleration of the melting of the poles have caused a strong rise in sea level, in the form of the unexpected Three Great Waves. This tsunami not only floods entire countries but, in a rapid domino effect, wipes out telecommunications, agriculture or energy production. Those who manage to survive must navigate a new and fragmented scenario of scarce resources. A dark time in which new powers emerge.

Jare, a young girl with hidden powers who lives in the Archipelago, will find herself unexpectedly plunged into a dangerous intrigue that seeks to break old balances and create new alliances.