Jordi Palou Loverdos

Born in Barcelona (1966), though with origins on the western and eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

A graduate in Law (UB), Master’s in Criminal Law and Penal Sciences (UB), and Master’s in Mediation and Conflict Resolution (URL), he has been a practising lawyer for over twenty years, providing socio-legal assistance to persons, organisations and groups in situations of vulnerability.

He is a lawyer accredited before the International Criminal Court (The Hague) and is among the pioneering jurists in the application of the principle of universal justice.

Over a decade ago he founded Aequitas, a conflict-management centre which has worked and continues to work alongside countless people and human groups on the positive transformation of conflicts through mediation, facilitating dialogue and coaching for harmony.

He currently holds a public-sector post related with the democratic memory and the international principles of transitional justice for truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition in relation to violent conflict between peoples.

He is expert consultant to the National Values Plan under the auspices of the Government of Catalonia.

He writes for and contributes to various media organs (TV, radio and print media) in Europe, America and Africa.

He has written several books on mediation in conflicts, human rights and the construction of peace.