Like salmon in the water

LIKE A SALMON IN WATER · A mind-boggling journey through the waters of life

Along the lines of Siddharta by Hermann Hesse and The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, this fable is a life-filled journey. The journey of some salmon from their birth in the upper reaches of a river, on down to the sea and then their return to their birthplace.

In the course of the journey, readers will recognise various stages of learning which they will be able to connect with philosophical, religious, sociological and other concepts.

LIKE A SALMON IN WATER is a fable which uses the adventures of some salmon in order to deal with the great themes of human existence: the value of journeys, the eternal return of everything, the dialectical correlation between opposite poles, ying and yang, the capacity for adaptation and flow of everything, through the image of the river already used by the immortal pre-Socratic philosopher, Heraclitus.

Readers learn a valuable world of values on the basis of the ups-and-downs and different situations the salmon go through.

They learn that what unites human beings, brothers in existence, is much more than what divides them, and they discover paths of reconciliation and of mediation between groups in confrontation.

It is a hymn to effort, to sacrifice, heroism, resistance and tenacity.

Through his words, Jordi Palou Loverdos synthesises all the knowledge he has been gathering through his various life and professional and intellectual experiences, setting them down in the form an apparently simple fable that is able to reach all kinds of readers.

With a prologue by Francesc Torralba Roselló