In a near-future where scientific experimentation is exploited for commercial profit, unwisely undersupervised, cutting-edge technology creates a menace that threatens the very fabric of human existence.

Wrath is the story of a genetically enhanced lab rat whose supersized intelligence helps him to engineer his escape into the world outside the lab: a world vastly ill-equipped to deal with the menace he represents. Modified through advances that have aggravated his aggressiveness, and endowed with a rat’s natural proclivity to procreate regularly, Sammy has the potential to sire a rodent army capable of viciously overwhelming the human race.

The key to Sammy’s capture and humanity’s salvation may be ten-year-old Dallas Underhill, whom Sammy temporarily adopts. Sammy himself is scientifically enhanced—with a cutting-edge cochlear implant—by which he discovers Sammy possesses superior skills that allow him to communicate with and direct other rats who have not been modified. But while Dallas and Sammy bond, time is running out for humankind: once Sammy sires his progeny, the exponential proliferation of his kind could spell the end of the world.