Words Are Like Arrows

How to avoid emotional violence against our children

The new book from the educational expert and child-raising visionary

The psychologist and educationalist Anke Elisabeth Ballmann knows that children can experience violence that will affect them for the rest of their lives. In her new book, she uses numerous practical examples to show what consequences can be from the various types of emotional violence, much of it unrecognised, that occurs every day in many families and that manifests in many ways, such as through words, the use of ‘boundaries’, the withdrawal of love, excessive expectations, and rigid family customs. Even in kindergartens, schools, and other institutions, children are still not treated in the way that current findings in research, teaching and learning, and cognition would lead us to expect.

The desire for a violence-free childhood does not need to be utopian. Ballmann reveals how this vision can become reality and how children and their families benefit from a new attitude.

• A debate book on the consequences and long-term effects of psychological violence on children

• A violence-free childhood: the wish of all parents for their children

• With reflective questions for coming to terms with one’s own childhood experiences