"[...] a smash hit in the youth book genre." - Hamburger Abendblatt

"[Stanišić] gives the story precisely the vagueness and ambivalence that makes it so credible." - Kulturmagazin

"Here the story is simply told to the point! Authentic, at times oppressive, but also with wit and a great sense for the conflicting feelings of the main character: the story of exclusion and bullying, of courage and friendship is touching and stays in the memory." - Stiftung Lesen

"Stanišić [cleverly] shows how the patterns of exclusion and group formation work without making a textbook out of the story of the two outsiders." - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

In summer camp, Kemi becomes a member of a group of very diverse adolescents and counselors.

He meets Jörg, who’s somehow even more dissimilar, but who Kemi finds very interesting.

Kemi observes how the others treat Jörg and how developments within the group slowly escalate. How far?

In his dreams, he encounters a wolf, his own fear. He learns to live with the wolf and to be courageous.

Wolf is a keenly observed children’s novel about just how fine the line between being different and being ostracized is.