With Wood, Heart and Hand

Real life – a man and his craft

A declaration of love to nature, wood and a self-determined life

Franz Josef Keilhofer is quite a unique character: he lives and works in harmony with nature, is a lad from the Berchtesgadener Land and lives in the family farmhouse dating back to 1710. And he is a wood craftsman – that more than anything else. Here he tells of his special relationship with that material called wood and what nature teaches us.

Franz Josef Keilhofer takes us with him when he goes into the misty undergrowth and reveals why he stores felled oaks in the earth. He tells us that on the work bench the yew gives off a smell of dark chocolate and he explains why each individual piece of wood always has to be treated in its own special way. This craftsman’s world seems to exist only of trees and wood and yet it teaches the whole of life. With Wood, Heart and Hand is a book about finding the right tree and seeing the right life – a book about the craft of life.

For readers of Lars Mytting and Peter Wohlleben.

English sample translation available