Who We Are

How we perceive, feel and love

A comprehensive insight into our inner control center by Germany’s No. 1 psychologist

How does the human being function? Is there a blueprint for the psyche, a basic mental framework that all humans share? Bestselling author Stefanie Stahl delivers here fascinating insights into the interplay of perception, consciousness, and behavior. In her nimble and knowledgeable manner, she explains why feelings of happiness are our life drug, just how subjective our perception of the world is, and how our self-image is molded by upbringing and experience.

Reports from the therapy practice and many suggestions for resolving emotional conflicts make this foray into our innermost being something that can be both felt and put into practice.

• What makes us tick, what regulates us: psychotherapist Stefanie Stahl sheds light on the workings of the soul

• The interplay of psyche, consciousness and behavior, explained in an absorbing and light-hearted way

• Five-time Spiegel bestselling author, with 3 million copies sold