Where Do Pants Go?

Kirkus Reviews (June 22nd, 2016)

"Preschoolers learn how to get dressed.Young children of all colors and genders go through the daily dressing ritual, asking questions along the way. "Where do shirts go?" asks a blond, white boy. "Where do socks go?" asks an Asian girl. The routine begins with underwear and moves through pants and shoes before ending with jackets. The author establishes a rhythm by asking where each article of clothing goes, offering two silly wrong answers—the repeated "No, no, NO!" inviting little ones to participate—then offering the correct place after the turn of the page. As the clothing accumulates, the author rattles off each article in descending order ("Socks on your feet, shirt on your chest, pants on your legs," etc.). Children mastering the art of dressing themselves will surely enjoy the preposterous suggestions and applied knowledge. The crisp, clean, rounded pastel-colored illustrations make this an excellent read-aloud as well as a satisfying one-on-one experience. Each child is accompanied by a bouncy canine companion for extra cuteness. A smart breakdown of a daily routine."

Where do pants go? Do they go on your head? Do they go on your neck? No!  This humorous story shows kids how to put on their clothes—from the underwear on their bottoms to the hats on their heads and everything in between. But sometimes getting dressed doesn’t happen without a few fun missteps! These adorable toddlers and their trusty dogs are sure to tickle every young reader . . . from their funny bones to the bottoms of their soles.