When I’m Sad

A picture book to get involved and find comfort

There are those days when tears roll down your face and somehow nothing helps.

That’s what happens to little weasel Ella. She is very sad. Because her cuddly toy, which gives her security, comforts her and accompanies her everywhere, is gone. Ella has already searched everywhere without success. How can Ella’s deep sadness disappear now?
Fortunately, there are many other animals in the forest who recognise Ella’s distress and want to comfort her. And each little animal has its own strategy: cuddling, listening, making faces, jumping wildly. What will help best against Ella’s sadness?

The children are invited to join in and learn that sadness and tears are part of everyday life.
They learn that not only Ella, but everyone feels sad and needs comfort. They learn that it is okay to be sad and to let the tears run free, and how good it feels to be comforted.

– Sadness is a part of life

– A valuable book about a great feelings, about sharing them and finding comfort

– Strengthens resilience

– From the creators of When I’m Angry

A sensitive and educational picture book that takes children’s worries seriously.