We Won’t Let Anything Knock Us Down

8 keys to resilience for you and your child

Resilience – the immune system of the soul

Parents want their children to be strong so that they can get on well with their lives. Leandra Vogt, childhood educator and resilience trainer for parents, shows how you can achieve this with her 8 keys to resilience. It is normal to fall down, but what is crucial is getting up again. This is not only true of children but also parents who need to be strong to cope with everyday family life and work or to overcome any internal conflicts and because the resilience key ‘relationship’ is essential for families. Leandra Vogt provides some practical examples, tried and tested in everyday life, of how acceptance, optimism, responsibility and the other resilience keys can be learned and encouraged. This book is like a treasure chest full of resources to give children the strength they need for their lives and also for their parents.