We Can Change The World

It is not easy at all but increasingly important to introduce civics to children to encourage an active and conscious participation to social life. This book, beautifully illustrated by Irene Zanellato, is a handbook to discover the 2030 Agenda, the global plan of action launched by the United Nations for people, planet and prosperity to eradicate poverty as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development.

The UN launched the 2030 Agenda project to improve the life of our planet and of all of us as its citizens by that date. To do this, it has identified 17 global goals, that is universal and therefore valuable for all: from the fight against climate change, to the battle against social inequalities, to the search for sustainable forms of development.

The name of the plan itself indicates that it is important to act now and significant results must be achieved on all proposed issues; progress must be achieved for each individual and for all humanity, with particular attention to the weakest: children, women, the elderly, the disabled … Nobody should be left behind.

We Can Change The World is a beautifully illustrated guide that, among informative insights, stories and projects, tells us what we can do for our planet. All the projects described in the book (17 projects in 17 chapters for each goals of the Agenda) are real, whereas the stories told in the book are inspired by true stories and their extraordinary protagonists and fictionalized and retold by the author.