Victory over Indifference

Finding Meaning in an Age of Change

A compelling invitation to a good life

In the midst of all the affluence and surplus of our times, an alarming phenomenon is becoming rampant: more and more people are bogged down in the quagmire of a profound spiritual and existential feeling of insecurity and discouragement. They are retreating from life, searching for substitute forms of satisfaction in sheer consumption or dubious mass movements. In other words, material affluence is mirrored as spiritual and existential impoverishment.

Alexander Batthyány has been examining the reasons for this development. In his book he makes practical and scientifically based suggestions on how to escape this attitude of indifference.

Every one of us is called upon to face up to the flow of living and participating in life. If we do, there is a surprise in store for us: our wealth does not result from what we get but from what we are prepared to give.