Vico Dragonbrother #01

The Secret of the Glittering Amulet

Wild dragons, big secrets and a whole lot of adventure! The fantasy series (from experienced author Oliver Pautsch) beguiles readers with an irresistible combination of exciting action, mythical creatures and surprising friendships. Accompanied by humorous, lively illustrations by Timo Grubing, the story of the young Vico Dragonbrother charms reluctant readers and dragon fans alike.

Alone among dragons! Vico Dragonbrother is the only human in a family of dragons. And although he can’t fly himself, of course, he loves nothing more than frolicking through the clouds with his dragon siblings. But what is his sister doing? She has followed a mysterious glittering light and ended up in serious difficulties in the forbidden Hilly Forest! Vico bravely follows her and embarks upon his first big adventure.