Tokyo Rain

‘Once, he found me when I was lost – now I must find him, no matter what’

Malu can’t wait to leave: leave home, leave Germany, leave her old life. So when she gets a chance to take part in a Japanese exchange programme, she signs up for it. Malu thinks she’s ready for Tokyo, but it’s a culture shock, and the city makes her feel dizzy – as does Kentaro, her new classmate. Slowly, Malu lets him in, and when Kentaro introduces her to his own special Tokyo, she discovers a side to herself she never knew existed. The two slowly start falling for each other, as they go on romantic walks through the rain-soaked, neon-lit streets, enjoy crazy karaoke sessions and experience magical moments on Tokyo’s moonlit rooftops. But then disaster hits the city – and Malu desperately tries to find the love of her life among all the devastation…

• Original, unique and deeply moving: a brilliant new voice in YA
• Amazing setting in Tokyo
• Perfect for fans of Dustin Thao
• ‘Shakarami’s writing is fast-paced, inventive and entertaining, and deeply moving at the same time’ Antje Babendererde (YA author)