Tiago the Animal Baby-Sitter

An enchanting world in which children’s emotions are projected onto animals

A likable little hero who is energetic profoundly kind and exceptionally patient, joined by a bunch of funny animals

Short and lively stories with dialogue in speech bubbles to help first readers


Tiago the Animal Baby-Sitter

#1 – What a Zoo!

Tiago would like to have a pet of his own. One day, a friend asks him to take care of his guinea-pig so that he can go to his circus rehearsal. Suddeenly, all of his friends in the neighbourhood decide to stop by and drop off their pets. Tiago is thrilled but also quickly overwhelmed: He has to feed them, sing them lullabies, tell them stories (to the poodle, the snail and the bird). Taking care of all these animals is really hard work!


#2 – A gift from Heaven

All of Tiago’s frioends in the neighbourhood have conspired together to drop off their «babies» for a day: a kangaroo, a pig, a pink flamingo, a cat, an ant and even a shark. Tiago is overwhelmed. Just then, a creature from outer space langs and offers to help. Given his obvious talents as a baby sitter, they quickly strike a deal. Tiago and Birlblux form an unstoppable team who will accompany reader with humor and kindness through the rest of the series.


#3 – Hide and Seek

Today Tiago has two guests at home: Hisèle the elephant amd Louise-Max the robin. They get along great and it´s a perfect day! But after naptime, they are no longer in their beds. Where could these two mischievious creatures have dissappeared to? Tiago searches everywhere in the house without realising that the two pranksters are right there, under his nose. Does the baby-sitter need a new pair of glasses? To make things worse, Birlux has decided to take the day off…