Three Women at the Lake

Three friends, four lives – and a house by the lake

They had been close friends since childhood: Marie, Alexandra, Friederike, and Jule.

Regardless of where their lives took them, they gathered every Friday before Pentecost, at Maries´ enchanting house by the lake.

Marie, the sensitive photographer, had held the four of them together, but that was a long time ago. The message of Marie’s early death comes as a shock to all of them. Since their quarrel ten years ago, they hardly have had any contact with each other. Marie presents a surprise to her friends: But then, they have to meet again.

Dora Heldt shifts stylistic gears and adopts a more serious tone: a story about the loves and lies that shape our lives, and the value of friendship, and the joy of remembering.

Total dtv sales for Dora Heldt: over 5 million copies

Sample translation in English available here