The Word Treasure

"The Word Treasure"is a book rich in words and pictures that encourages and awakens exactly this desire to read. Our two boys really enjoyed the book and the power of language." - Dr Jörg Maas, Reading Foundation

"Smart Oscar experiences and learns how the power and magic, value and effect of words unfold." - Nicole Habermacher, Lucerne University of Teacher Education

"When the use of [words] is shown in such a playful and creative way as in the new book by Gugger and Röthlisberger, many children will want to try their hand at word and language discovery." - Barbara Jakob, Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media

Oscar finds a treasure chest. When he opens it, he is disappointed:  nothing but old words!

Carelessly, Oscar throws the  squeaky yellow into  the bushes. Immediately afterward, a yellow hedgehog runs past him!

Now Oscar realizes all the fun to be had with the words he has found. At some point, the box is empty, and Oscar stands there wordlessly.

Luckily, language artist Louise shows him how to create new words himself—and explains why he should be more careful with them.

Language is something sensual and full of relish, and it has great power.
With subtlety and humor, Rebecca Gugger and Simon Röthlisberger tell of  the conscious use of language. Each page offers a sophisticated interaction of images, graphics, and text.