The Wisdom of Old Dogs

Keep your cool and recognize what really counts – What we can learn about life from grey snouts

Dogs are magnificent creatures, regardless of their age. Living with an old dog and looking after it in its final years opens our eyes and our hearts. Old dogs can teach us a lot – accept every day as a gift; regret nothing; care for your pack; recognize what really counts; accept what cannot be changed; forgive while you are still alive; you are never too old for new tricks; age is a matter of attitude – and a whole lot more.

Elli H. Radinger, expert on wolves and dogs, tells compelling stories focussing on examples of trust, patience, mindfulness, gratefulness, intuition, love, forgiving and wit. They also contain examples of how to cope with grief and loss. A warm-hearted and amazing compliment for man’s – and woman’s – best friend.