The Virus and the Host

Learn how to take control of your health—and decrease susceptibility to infectious viral disease before it strikes.

There will almost certainly be more pandemics in our future. Yet, during the coronavirus crisis, not a single major public health official took the simple step of telling us what we all need to hear:

Robust good health—healthy immunity, low inflammation, low toxic burden, and freedom from stealth infection and chronic disease—is our best defense against infectious viral disease.

Of course, it’s not that simple. The way our bodies interact with infectious disease is complicated—both a function of the “germ” and the “terrain”—the virus and the host. In The Virus and the Host, Dr. Chlebowski succinctly describes emerging science on the virome and how toxic exposure, chronic inflammation, infections, and chronic diseases interact and predispose us to poor outcomes from acute viral infection. He then clearly outlines the tools needed for better health, including:

How to eat like your life depends on it
The best nutrients to supercharge your immunity
How to harness the power of botanical medicine
How to detoxify simply and safely at home
Valuable information on simple treatment and recommended diagnostic tests for given conditions

As we move forward from the tragedy of COVID-19, it is essential that we come together to learn from our mistakes, and work hard—and work together—to prevent a similar crisis in the future. When the next pandemic hits, we need to be better prepared. Now is the time to do something, and it is the best investment we can make so that when—not if—the next “big one” hits we can keep our loved ones and ourselves safe and healthy.